When I came back from Japan to Switzerland in 2018 after almost five years of expatriation, living within a vibrant cultural society, I have been confronted to a major rupture, which induced questionings and loss of landmarks. This rupture led to a phenomenon of deconstruction and re composition in the cognitive, affective and structural domains of my identity. In order to help this necessary adaptation, I have chosen to illustrate this rupture and the sensations I felt through a photographic work.

The serie “Be and Become” combines or even fuses my images from Japan, which have a strong Japanese identity and the new physical and human – or lack of human - environment to which I was confronted. The images don’t belong to each other geographically but I made them be part of the same emotional landscape and their strong cohesiveness enhances the narrative power of the serie.

This very personal project aims to express in a poetic way the huge contrast and the strong duality I encountered and ultimately helped me to go thru this life transition by creating a link through those two worlds.

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